SFI Design and Intervention Team*. (October 2021). Supporting Father Involvement: A couples-group-based father involvement intervention (with introduction and discussion of fidelity maintenance).
*Team includes collaborators Drs. Philip and Carolyn Cowan and Drs. Marsha Kline and Kyle Pruett.

Provence, Erikson, Vater, Pruett, Rosinia, Palmeri (2016).IDA-2: Infant-Toddler Developmental Assessment, 2nd Ed, Administration Manual, PRO-ED, Inc., Austin, TX. Revision and update of widely used comprehensive infant-toddler assessment and intervention planning protocol.

Pruett, K., Vater, S., MLDA; Mid-level Developmental Assessment. Low-fee, 4 hour instrument used for community-level assessment of 0-5 year old motor, language, adaptive, and social-emotional functioning to plan for early intervention.